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The demands for new performances of materials are increasing every day.

Good design deserves the best material possible. New and innovative materials deserve the best application. In architecture, urban design, interior, products, mobility, fashion and packaging. The transition to sustainable energy, circular economy plus the protection of health and quality of life increase the demand for new materials. Such as renewable, biobased raw materials, materials made from residual waste, materials that are lightweight and strong. Materials that are smart, energy efficient or even generate energy, that are maintenance-free, affordable and feasible. All these wishes and requirements, in a conceptual stage or tested and certified, local or international available plus the enormous range of available materials make it increasingly complex to find the optimum match.


Materialising is becoming a new industry.

MaterialMatchMaker connects materials to projects and projects to materials. With 20 years of experience in scouting new materials and manufacturers, consultancy, implementing material marketing strategies plus an enormous network of specialists, the perfect match can always be made. The right material is there somewhere for every project, and there is a product group and potentially successful market for every new material. We can think along creatively, have a keen eye and an ear for the wishes and we do not stop until the right match is made. Our customers are companies, architects, designers, R&D departments, marketers. Being large or small, established or a start-up, Dutch or International.


The independent MaterialMatchMaker and the network.

Els Zijlstra was the pioneer, founder and creative director of the internationally renowned materials platform Materia (now MaterialDistrict). Being an architect, she focuses on innovative materials in the building industry, but her expertise has expanded to material innovation in other industries. She curates material exhibitions, writes articles and books, gives lectures, workshops and consultancy and adds value to professionals and students. To stay constantly informed and update the network she is closely following material developments, in contact with material stakeholders like R&D departments, research institutes, universities attending international material events and fairs. It is her strength to inspire with lots of knowledge, asking the right questions, to add value and to provide insight into the complex material challenges today and the future. The demand and need for specific sustainable material solutions is increasing. MaterialMatchMaker is able to speed up the process and make it a successful one.


MaterialMatchMaker connects the stakeholders to enable them to be successful.

Are you looking for innovative specific materials for a project or product? Or did you develop a great new material that an application is looking for? Are you unable to find a perfect solution via your network, search engines and online databases? Or do you just not have the time? MaterialMatchMaker offers a solution. For creative professionals, manufacturers and other stakeholders of the circular economy. For an inspirational session of a few hours, a workshop for companies for their own material innovation, a materials scouting process, a material marketing strategy, educational input to more intensified materialization projects.