As MaterialMatchMaker we work for the construction industry, architects, product designers, packaging industry, brand owners, automotive or other industries. We have built up a large network of material sources and material specialists in all industries to connect you with the right material, partner or material solution. Whether it concerns circular materials, CMF research, market implementation, feasibility and certification processes, workshops with architects or designers or just an up-to-date session; we’d love to fixate on the case. 
Here you see a few of our consultancy projects. 


Do you want to know the latest material trends? What is available, how will the future be materialised in your industry? These lectures are a few themes related to material trends and innovation. For events, education or just to update your colleagues in your company. Special items and requests are welcome!

Biobased materials

Booming bamboo

Fake is the new real


Smart materials

Water related

Circular materials

Curated exhibitions

In the past 20 years the curated material exhibitions have been invited by universities, fairs, seminars and events all over the world. In the Netherlands, London, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne, Russia, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Basel or Dubai, and have been an inspiration and tool for millions of visitors. The content and themes changed during the years; from conceptual artistic project related materials, to smart interactive materials and mock-ups, to sustainable, biobased, biofabricated and recycled materials nowadays. Subjects like material innovation related to water, wood, energy, prototyping, biomimicry, plastic, concrete, (vegan)leather, metals or textile are a few topics we highlighted. Always inspiring, innovative, experimental and challenging with a focus on the future to make a better, sustainable and beautiful environment in architecture and design.

Clients; Salone del Mobile Milan, Batimat Paris, University Madrid, Technical University Delft, Biennale Sao Paulo, Materia/MaterialDistrict, Swissfair Basel and many many more.


As a MaterialMatchMaker we use all media to inspire, inform, educate and connect. In commission or self initiated; we have the network to increase knowledge and impact about new materials. These are some books we wrote or edited, stuffed with material inspiration and innovation.